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Why the UX industry need junior designers now more than ever

I'm back! Stronger, wiser and sharper. Been away from blogging for 8 months, this is my first blog post ever since and I would love to share my thoughts on what's happening in the world of UX.

For starters, let's start by addressing the elephant in the room, err, blog, whatever. Anyone who's been through the rigorous UX interview process as a junior / mid level would easily relate with this. It's something I like to call 'the experience gap', which results in the lack of UX design / research roles for junior designers and fresh graduates or lowers your chances of landing a generic UX designer role. Most jobs you see on job sites are targeted to senior / lead designers or expect you to have experience leading a team of designers or be the brainchild behind designing a successful product end-to-end, leaving entry-level designers high and dry of avenues to apply their skills in a professional environment.

Another instance of this problem is when you apply for…