Good designs around the globe. Is your product on this list?

This will a collection of good user experiences for products/applications around the globe. I plan to include anything and everything that contributes to delivering a good user experience, customer experience (CX) included. 

This post will cover everything -  micro, macro, component-level and complete holistic experiences, that create a user-friendly experience, minimize pain points and are informed by data and research.

Let's start, shall we?

1. Calendar experience - Express Script Job portal 

 Stumbled upon this while filling out a job application and this made my day. To understand a job applicant as a persona, they are candidates that might apply to multiple jobs on a daily basis. Candidates who are actively and aggressively looking for one, want to upload their details as quickly as possible so that they can focus on prepping for their interviews. At this time, you want application portals to quick, simple and easy to use, accurately consuming your information and asking you the right questions.

Unlike many others out there, the calendar in this application, asks you only for the month and year of your start/end date. The experience is made simpler by giving the user a choice to pushing buttons instead of having the user enter information through text. 
This leverages the power of both input devices - mouse and keyboard. 

2. Using colors with icons to extend similar ideas - Tax Act
The 'exclamation mark in a triangle' is generally used to warn or alert the user about certain events, but Tax Act's tax returns filing application extends its usage to accommodate other similar ideas by leveraging color (visual cues).

Also notice how the icons join two different areas - Generic user interaction and tax savings. However, while using this approach, caution should be taken to choose colors that are 508 compliant.

Icon                Purpose                    Color                           Action
Alert             Alert the user               Red        - inconsistent/incomplete information
                                                                 Yellow      - Potential problem / additional actions

                                                      Green       - Opportunities for potential tax savings


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